Dance Camp 2010

August 2010 – Point Wolstoncroft, NSW

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The order of the Dances listed here is the order on my CD, not the order in which they were taught.

Numbers in brackets eg (1) are the order in which the dances were taught


 DanceVideo LinkIsraeliDancesNotes
1.Shar LachYoutubeMore Info
2.Be’Chadrei LibiYoutubeMore Info
3.Eretz Chadasha YoutubeMore Info
4.Dmaot ShchorotGoogleVideoMore Info(AKA Afilu)
5.Lechi LachYoutubeMore InfoChoreographer: Gadi Bitton
Youtube by Nissim Ben Ami
6.Ben Arbayim YoutubeMore Info
7.Ahava Bat EsrimMusic on Youtube More Infoneed a video of this
(PARTNER dance choroegraphed by Shlomo Maman)
8.Be'lev KavedYoutubeMore Info
9.MichaelaYoutubeMore InfoRafi Ziv
10.Kchi OtiYoutube (Teaching)More InfoChoreographer: Gadi Bitton
11.Mishehu Holech Tamid ItiGoogleVideoMore Info
12.Metziut AheretGoogleVideoMore Info
13.Bamechonit Leyad HayamYouTubeMore InfoYaron Ben Simchon Teaching Video


 DanceVideo LinkIsraeliDancesNotes
1.Tagidu LaFrances on YoutubeMore Info(1) Gadi Bitton
2.MatzlichimFrances on YoutubeMore Info(2) Rafi Ziv
3.Meohave Ad Ha'shamaeim Frances on YoutubeMore Info(3)
4.Mi She'maamin Frances on YoutubeMore Info(5) Dalya Maktobi
5.Zeh HaregaFrances on YoutubeMore Info(4) Michtav Le'achi
6.Sof Frances on YoutubeMore Info(7)
7.Halaila Yesh Chagigah Frances on YoutubeMore Info(6)


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An Ode to Camp

by Glen